Any Playing Member or Intermediate in good standing may introduce guests to the Club.  The same guest(s) may not be introduced more than once in a calendar month.  This policy will be strictly enforced.  Guests may play only with the Member introducing him or her.

All guests must be registered with the Pro Shop.

Members introducing guests are responsible for any debt incurred by the guest(s) and any damage done to the Club Property. Non-members may only use the course if introduced by a Member.

On Saturday, Sunday and Holiday mornings, Full Playing members are restricted to one guest each before 11:00 am

Corporate Golf Days

A Playing member may introduce up to 11 guests on a Tuesday afternoon with tee times between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm.  A food and beverage component must be part of the package for all participants.  Arrangements should be made by contacting our General Manager or Head Golf Professional well in advance of the date being proposed.

Before starting play, the Member must register each guest in the Pro Shop.

Credit Card Payment for Guests

Payment by credit card will be accepted for guests only in the Pro Shop and lounge.  This option of payment was introduced so that the guest has an option of paying their bill and it does not have to be put on the member's account.   Credit card payment from members will not be permitted.

Green Fees

18 Holes                    $95

Family 18 Holes       $60

9 Holes                      $65

Family 9 Holes          $40


All Golfers must be entered on the starting sheet in the Pro Shop.  A group will be entered on the board only when all Golfers in the group have registered in the Pro Shop.

Weather Warning

All are to take immediate shelter or leave the course in the event of lightning, in the case of an impending serious weather disturbance, play will be suspended by the sounding of an air horn and all golfers must take shelter or leave the course.