The easiest way to have your Nomination for Membership completed, is to be proposed by a current Member.     
  • If you are not aware of anyone who is a Member of the Club, a conversation with the General Manager or Director of Member Services might help.  If you do know a Member, contact him or her or ask the General Manager to do so.  The proposer will take it from there.
  • If you do not know any Members, you can still easily submit a Nomination for Membership.  Discuss this approach with the General Manager or Director of Member Services who will explain the procedure. When the applicant has been approved for membership, that gentleman or lady is either offered immediate Playing Membership or placed on the Waiting list.  Upgrading to Playing Member will be done as vacancies arise and by date of application approval.
  • Once the Nomination for Membership form is completed with the appropriate signatures, it is forwarded to the Club office.

Administration Manager
Jen Hutchinson
905-845-8321  ext. 38